Be on time and wow the team.

Be on time.  It’s the simplest thing you can do to stand out for the crowd – both as a good employee and as a respected boss.

I am sure you have been made to wait by a boss, colleague and/or customer/client?  How has that made YOU feel?   Does it make you think that they are more important that you?  My guess is NO!   My guess is that you find that behavior tardy, not productive and not professional.  While you are waiting you are wasting your productive time.  Right?

So to be on time is a simple way to make sure that your boss, colleagues and customers don’t feel the same way about YOU. Wow the team but being the person who is always on time!

To be on time always requires a little skill and some forward planning.

Be on time using your scheduling
When setting your own schedule, add some extra time to that you don’t have meetings abutting each other.   An hour meeting should appear to be 90 mins in your schedule.  This 30 min buffer means if a meeting overruns its time, you are not then biting into the next meeting time.  Likewise, always add 1.5X travel time to meetings if you are meeting offsite.

This process is not new – airlines do it all the time.   That is how they can always say that they are ‘on-time’ as they add a time buffer to the flight time.

Airlines know how to use schedules to be on time!

Now I know that some will be saying that that is wasting time.  Not really.   Have those quick tasks – like reading articles, quick phone calls etc, on a list that you can do if you find your buffer is free time.

Be on time requires you to know the time!
That might seem a strange statement – but most people who are never on time are that way cause they lose track of the time.

Be on time

If you struggle with that, then try some of the following:

  • Set your watch/phone/computer timer to ring 15 mins before a meeting/call/appointment.
  • Set your phone right next to your computer so it displays the clock function.   Don’t have a good phone app for that?  See Tom’s Guide to the 10 top clock apps.
  • Get a large wall clock (they are cheap) and have it right in your work space.  Look at this one for under $10.

Be on time and don’t reward the latecomers!
This is a hard one…but with planning it can make a real difference to your team.  At its basic level it is simple – start all your meetings right on time.  This means that when you instigate this you may be starting meetings without everyone in attendance…but people soon learn that you mean business.   The power hint here is to let them all know ahead of time…rather than pull the ‘surprise’ at a meeting.  Just say that the meetings will now always start right on time and that if you are late you will miss out on critical information.  A second power hint is to tell them all that if YOU are late, start the meeting without you….that way you have to follow the same rules that you set for them.

Be on time



It is such a simple thing to do to be the WOW member of your team…just be on time!







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