Telecommuting office setup

One of the issues you will be faced with is where to set up your office. There are some options worth considering based on your personal situation, work type and style.

Telecommuting office setup

Home Office – the cheapest option for a telecommuting office setup is to take over a space in your family home and set up your office. However, it has to be a place that is quiet so you can work undisturbed. It will need to be a place you can get away from children, TV noise and really concentrate. It will need to be a place where you can set up your work equipment, files and paperwork and have it undisturbed by other family members. You may already have a space like this available, or have to build a room in your basement, attic or garage. An important aspect of having a home office is that you will need to have a way to escape it at the end of the day. You will need to be able to close a door (physically and/or mentally) and stop working. This can be a real issue for some (like me).

Rented office – another telecommuting office setup option, although it comes at a cost, is to rent an office space. In a city these are available with some services, like a a receptionist and some basic equipment, or just an empty space. Away from cities, the options are more limited. You may find an alternative space in a friends business or even house.

telecommuting office setup

Trailer – sounds strange, but some people find a camping trailer a great telecommuting office setup option. It can be set up at their home on the driveway. It has power etc, making it a good substitute for a rented office. It comes with the added bonus of being able to be used for holidays!

Library/coffee shops – while these can offer free wi-fi and seem to have productive workspaces, they are not very conducive for a permanent telecommute office setup. What they do provide is an alternate venue for you to escape the work ‘cave’ and be around people.

Some coffee houses have great free wifi (which is a must) and some, like Starbucks, have additional services for telecommuters.