Telecommuting – what is it?

Telecommuting is when you work away from the office.  Normally you are located in another city/location and yet you are still an employee of a distant firm/organization. Telecommuters maintain their work schedules using electronic devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and so on.

A dictionary definition is here.

Telecommuting –  Is it working from home?

Most telecommuters work from home.   They set up a home office with a good internet connection with what ever equipment and resources that they need.  They then work schedules agreed upon by their company.

However there is a growing trend for telecommuters to work from another office space that they or the company leases for them to work within.  Some telecommuters also work from cafes and coffee shops where they can interact with other telecommuters.  This way they can maintain some social interactions with others.

Telecommuting – What about my company policies?

Modern companies have, or should have, a telecommuting policy that spells out the expectations for both the employee and the company.  However, many companies have not yet caught up on the trend, and so I have provided a basic telecommute policy that can be used to help you introduce the concept to you boss and the HR folks in your company.


My daughter was one reason I wanted to maintain my telecommuting lifestyle.

Telecommuting –  Is it easy?

Telecommuting is not easy – it requires discipline, resolve and self motivation. It is not for everyone.  It takes special people to make telecommuting successful. There is no doubt that damage has been done to the world of telecommuting by people not understanding or defaulting on their responsibilities as a telecommuter.  Slackers just can’t be telecommuters!

Telecommuting –  Is it the way of the future?

This is a growing trend as employers realize that to get the best out of some employees they need to provide them with a flexible working schedule and environment. Telecommuting is one way they can do that.  Companies are also realizing that by having staff NOT in the office zone, they can reduce their costs for heating/cooling and even technology (if telecommuters are responsible for their own equipment).