Telecommuting requires you to have a good set of tools to enable you to communicate to your company and the outside world.   The tools below are ones that I use personally, and would recommend them for any telecommuter *.


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TelecommuteCoverSmallTelecommuting – a simple guide on how to start telecommuting

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Online communication


I love Skype as a way to keep in touch with staff, my boss and customers/clients.    Being able to “see” folks as I talk with them gives me the added bonus of seeing some body language which really helps in understanding the messages!  Skype is great for one-to-one and small groups.



I use GoToMeeting to participate in and lead meetings of three or more people.  It s great for sharing presentation screens and using webcams so participants can see each other.   Audio can be through the computer, or using a phone (which is great to have as a backup).

If I need to get to more people- like when running a training session – then I use the partner to GoToMeeting – GoToWebinar.   Its great not to have to learn a new program – its basically the same with a few addons, like polling etc.

citrixCitrix (GoToMyPC)

I use Citrix GoToMyPC to be able to connect to my companies main server and interact with databases and other programs/files that help in a secure site.  It is fast and easy to use.


telecommuting resources Google (email, calendar, instant messaging)

Google is THE online tool to use for telecommuting.   I use it for all my mail and calendar applications on my computer laptop and tablets.  I even can mix my business and personal calendars together.    I use google instant messaging – called Hangouts – with staff for quick one-on-one conversations.

Fax and Phone services


This is an awesome way to manage your phone calls.  Vonage is ‘voice-over-internet-phone’ (VOIP) and quality is outstanding.  As well as providing a line in my office plugged into a standard handset, I use Vonage extensions on my cell phone so my calls go through the same account.   What is even better for me is for the one lower price and can make as many overseas calls to over 100 countries.   Thats fantastic – I love to call my family in Australia and not worry about the cost!

Complete the following quick form if you decide to take up a Vonage account…and we can share in the ‘refer a friend deals’ that they offer on a regular basis if one is available.

maxemail-square-100  MaxEmail

I use MaxEmail to send and receive FAX messages.   FAX messages come right into my email inbox as documents that I can manipulate.   Sending faxes is super easy and fast.    (Save your $10 sign on fee is you click these links)


Computer backup


Because you may not be connected to the companies backup system, you need a way to back up your files.  Carbonite is a great way to do this overnight – every night!


Website and domain hosting


I use MacHighway for this site – they understand mac operating systems and I have found them helpful and responsive.  They are inexpensive considering their service 🙂


bizland Bizland

I use Bizland for a couple of other sites – including my wife’s cake decorating business site.  Their customer service is excellent.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.


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